About martyr—

Since I was a child, I've always found fascinating to improve anything from a visual and practical standpoint.

As I grew up, I began to stumble across some people with a self-imposed conformism telling me to give up on my hopes and dreams and to face the world as it is.

That way of seeing the world always bothered me. I refuse to accept it.


I finished highschool with a background on mechanics and electrics. I wanted to try something different, so I started my art journey in the photography field.

Then I got curious and I started reading about graphic design, programming and incorporated video editing into my skillset.

I loved each one of those fields.

I wanted to incorporate every field into my work to create something unique.


One night I was watching this video and something clicked in my head.

"What if I make graphic tools? I would be able to mix so many fields! I think I can improve the graphic scene with my ideas"

But ghosts from the past started to haunt me.

"You have to specialize in just one field and be the best on it. Otherwise, you'll fail."
"There's no way you can make a living without a career in the university. Good luck opening a business on your own. You'll fail."
"Look at this country. Look at this city. There's no escape. You're doomed. You'll fail."
"Everyone is going down this path. Why don't you join them? Otherwise, you'll fail."


Nonetheless, martyr— was born.

The name "martyr—" is a statement:

No matter what people say,
I will die believing things can be better as long as I care about them.

That's why I founded martyr—

We produce and sell digital assets, such as textures and mockups, for visual artists who care as much as we do.

We hope this shows up in the products we make, how we treat every single person who interact with us, and the value we bring to the design scene.

Focus on better. You deserve it.

// Alejandro Romano. Founder of martyr—